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Healthier School Lunch Policy Success

school lunch program

Guess what? When schools improve meals – positive results follow. Despite the negative press from a few anti-nutrition Tea-Party types, the new school nutrition standards are beginning to have an impact. Just refer to the recently published U.S. Department of Agriculture report showing that, in just one year since more stringent school nutrition standards were introduced, more than 80 percent ofRead the Rest…

Rollin In The Dough: Recipes for Homemade Fun

Homemade fun, DIY crafts with kids

Squishy, Sticky and Icky If your kids are like ours, they love to help in the kitchen, especially when it involves getting their little hands squishy and sticky and dirty and icky. Some of my favorite times with my girls involve our kitchen projects. I let them crack the eggs, measure the flour, stir the ingredients. We make cookies andRead the Rest…

Fun With Peppers


It’s late September so that means the Bell Pepper plants are coming in nicely. It’s also the time of year that you are likely to hear the first complaints from your kids about the boring cheese sticks and apple slices that you keep giving them for their school snack. Here’s a way to put all those peppers to good useRead the Rest…

Coconut Kaleada Smoothie

Kaleada Pineapple almond butter banana smoothies

My freezer is a mess because I am constantly throwing over-rip bananas in it. But I can’t help myself because a frozen, over-rip banana is The Precious of any smoothie. I actually make most of my smoothies with frozen fruit and veggies. It completely negates the need for ice cubes. When you see me leaving the grocery store with tonsRead the Rest…

Create a Tradition Your Kids Will Love: Personalize Mailboxes

kids mailbox tradition

Family traditions are important to us. Ice Cream Friday has been a thing since our first daughter was born. (Yes, real ice cream. Don’t judge!) We always bring a rock home whenever we go on vacation despite the fact that it always seems to get us delayed in customs. We leave a quarter in a secret place whenever we travelRead the Rest…

Lemon Yogurt Frosting Watermelon “Cake”

healthy classroom birthday party idea watermelon "cake"

I must say – I am in love with a lot of stuff. My husband, my kids, my family, my pug, my tall leather boots …   and this watermelon birthday “cake” that my friend Becky was kind enough to share with me. I mean, just look at it! It’s a thing of beauty. And good health. And deliciousness. I’mRead the Rest…

Turkey Wraps, Fruit Skewers, Carrot Fries

easy and healthy school lunches

180 Days of Healthy School Lunches DAY 1: ON THE MENU – Cucumber & Turkey Salad Wrap Blueberry & Strawberry skewers Baked Carrot Fries O”Fish”ally Back to “School” goldfish crackers   I’m sure if you’ve spent any time on Pinterest you’ve seen the utterly ridiculous display of lavish “back to school” lunch, snack and treat ideas. Seriously. Where do theseRead the Rest…, founded by work at home mom of three, entrepreneur, healthy school advocate, writer, runner, one-carry-on-bag-only traveler, "mostly" vegetarian, red wine lover, long time Duranie, chief operator of, Tryna Fitzpatrick, to help families live a healthier and happier lifestyle.